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Our prices exclude both 21% VAT and the delivery fees. However, the rental equipment might be hired according to the renter’s choice. So, either it is removed and brought back to our warehouses within a time limit; or, it can be delivered or collected by ourselves at the renter’s address. A delivery package is available (see rate tables). The customer will have to control the equipment which is leased perfectly and ensure its good condition, at the removal and return. The rented equipment must be brought back in the crates provided: Glasses should be set foot upward in their appropriate baskets. Cups should be left bottom upward and the plates emptied of its contents. Otherwise an extra 0.20 cents per item, VAT excluded will be charged.

Hoolie is not responsible for any materiel damage or breakage while transportation, if it is done by the lessee or by a carrier designated by them. The leased equipment remains the exclusive property of Hoolie and under no circumstances can be the object of any cession. The renter cannot absolutely sublet or lend the lessor items to others.

At the moment of concluding the hiring contract the equipment, the renter or their representative will have to pay Hoolie a lump-sum amount, in cash or by credit card, as a deposit (see the price list). Failing to receive that amount in full, Hoolie is entitled to refuse the delivery of the rented equipment. The deposit is given back from 1 to 2 business days after the return of the crockery and / or the laundry. Tablecloths and napkins must be dry, free from debris, and folded properly. If any item is not reusable due to cigarette burns, extreme dirt or mold, the renter will be charged for its replacement value. The client also will be charged for the cleaning fees. Any unpaid invoice on due time will imply, automatically, and without any formal notice, an interest of 12% per year; by the mere fact of non-payment of an invoice at maturity. In case of non-payment on the due date, the invoice amount will be increased by a fixed and irreducible compensation of 20%, with a minimum of €125. Without right of challenge or any formal notice.

Any dispute may be submitted only to the courts of Brussels. Knowing that no more dispute shall be allowed or accepted after ten days of receipt. The material has to be collected from our showroom during business hours from 9 am to 6 pm. It must be returned by noon the following day. An extra charge of 12% will be requested in case of delay. Exceptionally, if the day following the use of the equipment is a public holiday, then the return will take place on the next business day.

Leased products are called "vintage", that is to say, they are old and used. They are also rare, unique pieces and objects of flea market and antiques. They are rented in good condition. So, the fact of leasing these old products and used goods in the state implies on the part of any renter, acceptance and full knowledge of the wear of the product, its age and fragility, which make of course its value and uniqueness.

These general trading conditions cannot entail any assignment of intellectual property rights that can be implemented under the service ordered. The software equipment, the documentations and any technical information of any kind that belong to the provider are and remain the exclusive property of Hoolie.

Subject to prior agreement, Hoolie is allowed to mention customers in its business documents in any form whatsoever as a commercial reference. Each part will guarantee to the other confidential information of any nature whatsoever, written or oral, which it has been under control and will not be disclosed to persons other than those entitled to know the content under the realization of the service ordered.